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Adelphi Technology Inc.
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Redwood City, CA 94063

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Adelphi Research


Adelphi Technology Inc. has been developing new technologies for over 25 years. While we are focused on neutron generators and nuclear physics, we have also worked on novel x-ray sources, x-ray lenses and imaging applications. In particular, our Research & Development is focused on:

  • Neutron generators
  • Neutron beamline optics
  • Neutron Magnetic lenses
  • Neutron refractive lenses
  • Wollaston Prism
  • Neutron microscopy
  • Fast and thermal neutron radiography
  • Materials analysis
  • Neutron activation analysis
  • Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis
  • Medical applications
  • Boron neutron capture therapy
  • Fast neutron radiotherapy
  • Large Volume, Position-Sensitive Detectors
  • Detection of Nuclear Materials
  • Liquid Noble Gas Detectors

We are always looking to collaborate with scientists and engineers in other and related disciplines. Over the years we have worked with universities, government laboratories, and companies ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations. Some of our work with these organizations has been published and is listed in our publications section. We are keen to work with anybody wishing to use our neutron generators. We have a purpose built neutron laboratory facility and would be happy to work with you at our facility. This often happens as a proof-of-principle before an organization purchases their own neutron generator. We are also interested in collaborating at national neutron beamline facilities such as NCNR and LENS. Adelphi personnel have many years of experience in both theoretical and practical scientific research and engineering. We are always keen to perform contract research work for organizations needing an answer to their research problems.