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Neutron Laboratory Facilities

Adelphi maintains an onsite neutron laboratory facility; we typically keep several neutron generators of various shapes and sizes on site for our own research and development into new generator designs and neutron related applications. These generators are available to customers so that they can get first hand experience using our generators, which can be the first step toward incorporating them into their own products. Users have found that it can be useful to perform key experiments to prove-out their ideas on our unique high output neutron generator systems.
As well as neutron sources, our laboratories have various other related equipment such as BF3, He-3 detectors for detecting thermal neutrons, calibrated Bonner Balls for measuring neutron dose, various scintillators and photomultiplier tubes for detecting and measuring fast neutrons and a gamma-ray camera/ fast neutron camera. We also have an HPGe (High Purity Germanium) detector which is useful for detecting and measuring the gamma rays emitted by prompt and delayed activation of materials during and after neutron irradiation. We have several foils for activation experiments and a set of NIST traceable radioactive sources so that the activity of materials can be determined.

Furthermore we also have a range of NIM-BIN (Nuclear Instrumentation Module) modules such as counters, rate meters and channel analyzers which are useful for quickly configuring experiments. Almost all Adelphi staff are scientists and engineers, each with years and in many cases decades of hands on laboratory experience. We would be happy to work with you to assist you in developing solutions to your technical needs.