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Neutron generator systems from Adelphi Technology have high yields and long lifetimes that are the results of design features such as liquid-cooled targets, highly efficient microwave ion sources, and open-vacuum radiator heads that are easy to service and maintain.

High Yields from both DD and DT Generators:

Generators are available that use either the DD or DT fusion reactions producing 2.5 and 14.1 MeV neutrons, respectively.  Previously, the DT generator was almost exclusively used since it had a higher neutron output (by X100), but with recent breakthroughs in generator design, Adelphi now produces a DD generator that produces high neutron yields that are equivalent to those produced by DT generators.   These generators have several advantages over DT generators:  Since tritium is radioactive, the DT accelerator head must be “sealed” and uses a “getter pump” to supply its vacuum, limiting the generator’s lifetime.  The DT generator head becomes polluted over time and cannot be easily serviced.  On the other hand, Adelphi’s DD generators use turbo pumps and can be easily serviced, having little radioactivity when turned off. The key components of a D-D generator can be replaced when they wear out, which is much preferred over exchanging the whole accelerator head.

The New M-Series of Hybrid Generators

In the new M-series of generators, Adelphi integrates a moderator with the fast neutron target, combining various functions to make a compact source of thermal neutrons.  Researchers who require high fluxes of thermal neutrons currently have to travel to large facilities at research reactors or at expensive accelerator-driven sources that exist at only a few national laboratories. The new M-Series of generators is revolutionary in that they produces thermal fluxes approaching those obtained at such facilities and it is relatively compact and inexpensive. This opens up to small laboratories and universities the possibility of applications heretofore reserved to large, more expensive, over-subscribed facilities.

Unique DT Generators

As with the DD generators, higher neutron yields and longer generator lifetimes are possible using the DT reaction driven by a microwave plasma ion source.  Adelphi currently markets the model DT-110 that can produce 1010 n/s of 14.1 MeV neutrons and the model DT108-API generator that produces associated alpha particles along with the 14.1 MeV neutrons.

Complete Systems

The full neutron generator system consists of three main parts: the generator head, a cooling unit, and a power rack. The power rack consists of (1) a microwave power supply, (2) a High Voltage power supply running at approximately 120 kV (maximum), and (3) a vacuum and gas controlling gauges and interface controls. The entire system is controlled by computer program and a serial-over Ethernet to communicate to all the subsystems of the generator. The computer display includes message logging to alert the user of the condition of the generator. Displayed indicators show interlock status of all critical functions of the generator.  Pulsing and continuous operation are also standard.