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DT110-14 MeV Neutron Generator

The DT110 is a sealed, high output neutron generator using the deuterium-tritium reaction that produces 14 MeV neutrons. The expected output is 1010 neutrons/second. The generator has potential applications for security, baggage and container screening for the detection of explosives or contraband, and for the detection of special nuclear materials. This neutron generator also applications for imaging and elemental analysis. The DT generator is based on a nuclear reaction between two of hydrogen's isotopes, deuterium and tritium. Tritium is a radioactive gas, so DT generators are sealed. Tritium is a radioactive gas; hence, US NRC regulations require that US customers of our DT source possess a Type A Broadscope specific license authorizing possession of tritium. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) website has further details of licensing requirements (


Sealed neutron generator.

The DT reaction leads to much more energetic neutrons than the DD reaction. DT neutrons have energy 14.1 MeV, whereas neutrons originating from the DD reaction have only 2.45 MeV. Thus, the DT neutrons penetrate further into objects which can be a benefit for screening and imaging applications. The output energy is an important consideration in shielding. The 14.1 MeV neutrons are significantly more energetic and require more material in order to moderate and absorb these neutrons. Shielding designs are therefore more involved. We are happy to work with customers to develop the right shielding solution for any application. The DT reaction is also more efficient (100 X) than the DD reaction, requiring less power than a comparable output DD generator. The DT110 requires only 500W as compared to several kilowatts for a DD110. Since the power requirements are modest, compact power supplies that can be operated using AC or battery power will become feasible for this type of neutron generator.

General Specifications
DT Neutron Yield 1 x 1010 neutrons/sec
Neutron Energy 14.1 MeV
Standard Neutron Source Size 1 cm x 4 cm (side view)
Small Source Size (option) ≥ 6 mm diameter (axis view)
Servicing Generator head serviced at Adelphi Technology
Standard operating mode Continuous
Pulse on demand (option) ≥ 100 µS, to 100% duty factor

The generator is computer controlled via a graphical user interface and has a series of hardware safety interlocks for the protection of personnel and the generator itself. The generator requires only a single phase 110V 20 amp electricity supply. The DT generator contains tritium so needs to be returned to Adelphi Technology for replacement of any internal components when the performance degrades after operation for several thousand hours. The generators has a controllable output level, up to 1x1010 neutrons/sec If the pulsed generator option is chosen, a user supplied TTL voltage level (such as from a signal generator) can be used to switch on the generator. When the TTL level is asserted, the generator turns on to the selected output level, which is any yield up to it’s maximum output level, which for this machine is 1x1010 neutrons/sec.