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DT108API Associated Particle Imaging Neutron Generator

Adelphi has developed a prototype high-flux, small spot-size, associated particle imaging (API) neutron generator. This generator has an integrated target for the production of neutrons and alpha particles. When deuterium and tritium atoms fuse on the generator's

Deuterium-Tritium beam striking small target on a sub 2mm spot.

target, both an alpha particle and a neutron are produced. These are then emitted simultaneously 180o apart so that the direction of the neutron can be determined by detecting the direction of the alpha particle. A scintillator provides an optical signal to determine the location, and thus direction, of the alpha particle. A small ion beam spot size (< 2 mm) on the target is required to provide a precise origin for the neutrons and alphas, and thus an accurate angular resolution. Adelphi's microwave ion plasma technology allows for flexible and precise ion beam optics, which in turn provide for a small spot size, even with large neutron outputs.

The generator is ideal for making a mapped image of gamma emission from fast neutron scattering. Both the API neutron generator and a gamma detector for detection of the activated or scattered gamma radiation (e.g. HPGe) can be located on one side of an object to be imaged, greatly simplifying the setup. The combination of neutron, alpha and gamma detection allows for the possibility of the imaging and identification of distant and concealed objects such as contraband and special nuclear materials.

General Specifications
Neutron Energy 14 MeV
Neutron Source Size < 2 mm
Phosphor material Selection depends upon customer's alpha detector
Generator Head Lifetime 2000 hrs guaranteed at maximum yield
Operating mode Continuous
Accelerator voltage 80 to 100 kV
Operating Beam Current 0.5 mA max
Control Interfaces Computer with Graphical User Interface; RS-232 optional
Generator Head Weight 50 lbs.
Control and Power Rack 100 lbs.
Heat Exchanger Weight 30 lbs.
Total Weight 180 lbs.
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 20 amp circuit
Safety Features Both personnel and machine safety interlocks included

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