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DD110MB Multi-Beam Thermal Neutron Generator

The new DD110M produces thermal neutron fluxes (< 0.5 eV) that are comparable to those achieved in a nuclear reactor. Thermal neutron fluxes of 108 neutrons/cm2-sec are expected. This flux is achieved using four ion beams arranged concentrically around a cylindrical titanium target containing a solid compact moderator with a central sample chamber. Fast neutrons are produced at the titanium target. The radius of the moderator is selected to maximize the thermal neutron flux at the center. Thus the 2.5 MeV neutrons are quickly thermalized to energies below 0.5 eV and concentrated at the central sample chamber.


Camera view of the four deuterium ion beams operating in the above system

Materials to be irradiated are placed inside the central chamber. The neutron flux can be used for neutron activation analysis (NAA) and prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) for determining the concentrations of elements in many materials. NAA and PGNAA allow discrete sampling of elements, as they disregard the chemical form of a sample and focus solely on its nucleus. In both techniques, samples are bombarded with thermal neutrons, causing the nuclei of the samples to form stable and unstable radioactive isotopes at differing decay and emission rates.


DD110MB Multi-beam high thermal flux neutron generator: Rack and heat exchanger

Nuclear reactors and accelerators can produce higher fluxes of thermal neutrons, but they are large and expensive and have considerable safety considerations that must be addressed in their operation. These issues limit the use of these sources to a few government and regional sponsored facilities. To be useful to a larger community of scientists, engineers and businesses, the DD110MB is small enough for modest-sized laboratories and universities. Like Adelphi's other DD neutron generators, the DD110MB is not sealed, having an actively pumped vacuum system that allows operation at reduced pressure, uses no radioactive tritium and permits easy access into the generator head for servicing. For example, the target and plasma aperture can be replaced to provide essentially an unlimited lifetime.

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