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DD109X High Flux Fast Neutron Generator

A new neutron generator has been manufactured that permits large neutron fluxes to be delivered to samples located near the emitting neutron target. The generator uses a minimum source-to-sample distance to provide the sample with a high flux of fast neutrons (a large neutrons/sec per unit area). This increases the reaction rate in the sample for diagnosis of content of the sample. Such active analysis is particularly useful for determining the material components of nuclear materials. Previously, samples were required to be placed at a large distance from the neutron source emitter where the flux of the fast neutron was small. Small laboratories can now have neutron fluxes at a fraction of the cost that usually only available at national facilities and nuclear reactors. The generator can be operated both cw or pulsed. Pulsed operation, not easily achieved in reactors, allows analysis of delayed gammas and thermal neutrons without accompanied spurious noise from other radioactive components.

Two ports are designed into the housing of the generator to permit the introduction of multiple samples into the generator at the same time. In addition, short sections of material can be placed in the ceramic cylinders for moderating some of the fast neutrons to thermal and epithermal energies, depending upon the customer's requirements. Thus the generator can be a versatile instrument delivering fast, epithermal and thermal neutrons.

Adelphi prides itself in working with customers to achieve neutron generators that match their needs. The unique Model DD109X is the result of collaboration with researchers at the University of Florida Training Reactor.

General Specifications
Fast Neutron Yield 4 x 109 n/sec maximum
Neutron Energy 2.5 MeV
Neutron Flux at Sample 8 x 107 n/cm2-sec
Sample Diameter/Length 2.5/3.0 inches
Generator Head Lifetime 2000 hrs guaranteed at maximum yield
Operating mode Continuous (pulsed additional cost)
Accelerator voltage 80 to 120 kV
Operating Beam Current 25 mA max
Control Interfaces Computer with Graphical User Interface; RS-232 optional
Generator Head Weight 50 lbs.
Control and Power Rack 150 lbs.
Heat Exchanger Weight 30 lbs.
Total Weight 230 lbs.
Power Requirements 208 VAC, 3phase. 30 amp circuit
Safety Features Both personnel and machine safety interlocks included

Adelphi Wins R&D 100 Award for DD109X High Flux Fast Neutron Generator

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