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DD109 Generator Head

DD109 Neutron Generator

The DD109 is a highly versatile, high output deuterium based, D-D neutron generator. The generator has a long service life and uses safe deuterium gas. These generators are not sealed, having an actively pumped vacuum system that allows operation at reduced pressure at the target chamber, increasing the overall system reliability. Since no radioactive tritium is used, the generators can be easily serviced, and components such as the target and plasma aperture can be replaced to provide essentially an unlimited lifetime. The DD109 neutron output of up to 2×109neutrons/sec is considerably higher than the Penning diode, which does not generally exceed 108 n/s even using the DT reaction. The DD109 is well suited to applications that require high yields, long lifetime or significant customization.

DD109Like the DD-108, the DD-109 operates with an ion beam supplied by a microwave plasma ion source. Microwave power is delivered by an easily replaceable, inexpensive magnetron. The ion source uses the electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) effect to produce a high plasma density for high current and high D+ content. The fast neutron source size can be adjusted by selecting the aperture and target geometries according to customer specifications. Both pulsed and continuous operations are available. Minimum pulse lengths of 100 µS have been achieved. Since the generator is easily serviceable, it can have a long lifetime for a laboratory and commercial system requiring continuous operation.

The generator can be mounted in any desired position (e.g. vertical or horizontal). Several of the generators have been enclosed in radiation shielding/moderator structures designed for customer specifications. These generators have been proven to be useful for prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA), neutron activation analysis (NAA) and fast neutron radiography. Thus these generators make excellent fast, epithermal and thermal neutron sources for laboratories and industrial applications that require neutrons with safe operation, small footprint, low cost and small regulatory burden.

General Specifications
DD Neutron Yield 1 x 109 neutrons/sec
Neutron Energy 2.5 MeV
Source Size ≤ 16mm diameter
Simple scheduled maintenance ≥ 2000 hrs, replacement of some internal parts
Standard operating mode Continuous
Pulse on demand (option) ≥ 50 µS, to 100% duty factor

» See Technical Brochure: DD108-109
» For higher fluxes of fast neutrons, please see the DD109X