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DD108 Neutron Generator

» See Technical Brochure: DD108-109

The DD-108 is a transportable neutron generator that uses the deuterium-deuterium fusion reaction to produce 2.45 MeV free neutrons. The system is actively vacuum-pumped, using a continuous trickle supply of the non-radioactive gas, resulting in a tube head with an almost unlimited lifetime. Internal components can be easily exchanged as needed due to damage or excessive wear.

dd108 Neutron GeneratorThe DD-108 is a good laboratory source for most thermal neutron experiments, as the emitted lower-energy neutrons are easily moderated and shielded. Thermal neutron capture events, identified with either Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) or delayed-gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), provide non-destructive elemental identification for a wide range of applications. Similarly, 2.45 MeV fast neutron interactions can produce clearer data on selected elements (Fe, Cu, etc.) as it is below the gamma-ray response threshold for a large number of common elements (O, C, N, etc.).

The system consists of three main parts: the accelerator head, a power supply and control rack, and a separate heat exchanger/chiller. The rack consists of a 2 kW High-Voltage power supply running at a maximum of 120 kV, and a vacuum- and gas-controlling gauges and interface controls. The entire system is computer controlled by a simple program. Optional capabilities and controls include pulsed operations, where a variety of parameters (pulse length, rise/fall times, dwell time, etc.) can be user-selected. System controls include multiple interlocks controlling for system condition status and user safety access.

General Specifications
DD Neutron Yield 1 x 108 neutrons/sec
Neutron Energy 2.5 MeV
Standard Neutron Source Size ≤ 8mm diameter
Small Source Size (option) ≤ 2 mm diameter
Simple scheduled maintenance ≥ 2000 hrs, replacement of some internal parts
Standard operating mode Continuous
Pulse on demand (option) ≥ 50 µS, to 100% duty factor

The generator is computer controlled via a graphical user interface and has a series of hardware safety interlocks for the protection of personnel and the generator itself. The generator requires two or three phase electrical power and we can typically work with customers to provide a unit that will work with the voltage and frequency levels available in your jurisdiction. The DD generators have easily replaceable subcomponents that can be installed in the field by customers or Adelphi Technicians. The generators has a controllable output level, up to 1x108 neutrons/sec If the pulsed generator option is chosen, a user supplied TTL voltage level (such as from a signal generator) can be used to switch on the generator. When the TTL level is asserted, the generator turns on to the selected output level, which is any yield up to it’s maximum output level, which for this machine is 1x108 neutrons/sec.