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Charles K. Gary | Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Gary joined Adelphi Technology, Inc. in 1998 as vice president of operations. In January of 2015 the board of directors appointed him Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Gary has over thirty-five years of experience working in the generation, detection, and control of x-ray and neutron radiation. He has a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering from Stanford University (1991) and M.B.A. from Heriot Watt University (2004). He has primary responsibility for Adelphi’s manufacturing work. This includes the production of deuterium fusion generators for customers in the US and abroad. He is a certified Radiation Safety Officer, which is critical to the ability to conduct experiments and development work with neutron generators. He has served as principal investigator for multiple NIH, NSF and NASA projects, including the development of a nano-tomography system capable of submicron 3-D x-ray imaging. Prior to joining Adelphi Technology, he managed the ten-person Information Physics Group at the NASA Ames Research Center working on optical information processing technology; the group won achievement awards for work on the X-33 reusable launch vehicle and the development of fiber optic sensors.

view profileMelvin A. Piestrup | Vice President of Research and Marketing

Dr. Piestrup formed Adelphi Technology Inc. in 1984 as a sole proprietorship and in 1986 as a California Corporation. Dr. Piestrup has over 40 years of experience in the research and development of electron and ion sources and their use for the generation of x-rays and neutrons. He has a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering from Stanford University (1972). His early research included the first use of lasers to accelerator high energy electrons. Over a 30 year period he and his colleagues at Adelphi and Stanford University developed novel sources of vacuum ultraviolet, soft and hard x-rays using Čerenkov, transition and parametric radiators. Dr. Piestrup's research in the past 20 years has been primarily devoted to the development of new neutron and x-ray sources and optics for medical and industrial applications. Over the past six years he and his colleagues at Adelphi and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed new high-current ion sources driven by either RF or microwave power that are used to produced neutrons in Adelphi product line of generators.

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Dr. J. Theodore Cremer | Chief Scientist
Dr. Cremer joined Adelphi Technology, Inc. in 1996. He has over twenty-five years of experience working in the generation, detection, and control of x-ray and neutron radiation. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Maryland (1984). He has primary responsibility for Adelphi’s research and development work on neutron detection and optics. He the principal investigator on a number of US government funded programs that use of neutrons for homeland security, medical imaging and material science. He recently developed a fast neutron imaging detector for non-destructive testing and imaging. He is also developing a rapid detection and identification of explosives via fast neutron inelastic scatter and nuclear resonant fluorescence. Finally, Dr. Cremer is Principal Investigator on a program to develop a thermal neutron prism for use in a monochromator in materials testing. He has been principal investigator for prior NIH, MDA and DOE funded projects on x-ray and neutron optics and neutron generators that lead to the development of the Adelphi neutron microscope, which obtained the first images of both mechanical objects and biological objects. He has 4 patents, and has published 36 peer reviewed papers and 4 books, most recently “Neutron and X-ray Optics” (2013), Elesvier Press.

Hannes Vainionpaa |
Consultant and European Customer Support
Hannes Vainionpaa has worked for Adelphi first as a consultant and then as a full time employee. For the past 8 years he has been primarily involved with the design, fabrication and testing of fusion neutron generators, ion sources and accelerators. He graduated from University of Jyvaskyla. He has worked for three years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s accelerator and fusion research division and few years in accelerator lab of University of Jyvaskyla. He has been involved in research and development of several ion sources and Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT) systems.  He has experience on singly charged and multiply charged high plasma density gas discharge ion sources including RF- , filament- and microwave- driven ion sources. His experience includes working with singly charged positive ion and negative ion, ion sources. He has extensive experience in the electro-magnetic field modeling and and ion beam optics simulations. These include numerical codes (e.g. IBSimu, IGUN , PBGUNS, Opera vector field, COMSOL and WARP3D) to simulate electromagnetic fields, LEBT optics and beam current density distributions on fusion targets.

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Allan Chen, Ph.D. | Director Product Development
Dr. Allan Chen joined Adelphi in 2013, he holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley (2013) with major emphasis on heat transfer and minor emphasis on plasma physics and nuclear engineering. Previously, he has worked at Sandia National Laboratories as a graduate student researcher on several projects to develop novel ultra-compact radiation generators. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the development of high-current RF- and microwave-based ion sources for integration with high-yield neutron generators. During his graduate studies, Dr. Chen was one of the lead designers in the team that developed the high-flux neutron generator at the University of California-Berkeley. His main role was in the design and analysis of a high heat flux target used for neutron production and the Monte-Carlo based shielding calculations. Since joining Adelphi in 2013, Dr. Chen has been a lead designer in the development of the company’s flagship line of compact neutron generators. Dr Chen has 8 peer reviewed publications.

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David Williams | Vice President Operations
Dr. Williams (Ph.D., MBA, CEng, PMP) first joined Adelphi Technology in 2007. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Manchester, UK (1995) which was funded by the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, in Malvern UK. He has worked at a range of organizations including the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency in UK, Intel Capital (the investment arm of Intel Corporation)and Intel Corporation in California, as well as several start-up companies including one focused on semiconductor materials for power devices. Dr Williams is a registered Chartered Engineer, holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certifications and has qualified as a lead auditor for ISO9001:2008. He also and has an MBA (1999), has 14 issued patents and 10 peer reviewed publications.

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Jack Harris | Senor Engineer
Mr. Harris has worked at Adelphi for over 30 years on the R&D development of neutron and x-ray sources, detectors and optics. He brings with him over 50 years of experience of R&D of electron and ion beam optics. He has over 25 years experience at the Stanford University where he was an engineer working on the Mark III Accelerator, the Super Conduction Accelerator and the Stanford (SLAC) 2-mile linear accelerator. He has extensive experience in both mechanical and electrical engineering that include critical skills needed for neutron generator research and development. These skills include vacuum engineering, liquid gas management, and electronic control. Among other skills, he is an excellent project manager, interacting well with other employees and suppliers.