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Adelphi Technology's Model DD109X receives the prestigious R&D 100 award for 2013

Adelphi Technology Inc. and its collaborator, the University of Florida, have received the 2013 R&D 100 award for their development of a "High Flux Fast Neutron Source, Model DD-109X." This is the second R&D100 award for Adelphi Technology (see last year's award). The R&D 100 Awards have a 51 year history of recognizing excellence in innovation, earning the name: the "Oscars of Innovation". According to R&D, "The awards not only recognize the efforts of the development team and partners. The award provides a mark of excellence known to industry, government, and consumers." Many winners from halogen lamps (1974) to HDTV (1998) have demonstrated the importance of this award. "More recent winners include next-generation magnetic resonance imaging machines, laser-based metal-forming tools, and the building blocks for fusion experiments."
The model DD109X neutron source produces high fluxes of fast neutrons large enough to analyze fissile and high density materials. This increases the reaction rate in the sample for diagnosis of content. Such active analysis is particularly useful for determining the material components of nuclear materials. Fissile materials such as uranium can be placed in a sample chamber located next to the neutron source. The sample is then removed and analyzed for content. Ordinarily one would have to use a reactor or a spallation neutron source to get comparable fluxes. Like all Adelphi DD100 series generators, the deuterium-deuterium fusion reaction is used to produce high fluxes of fast neutrons (2.5 MeV) that are very similar to the average energy of 2 MeV neutrons produced in reactors. The close position of the emitting target to the sample increases the flux of fast neutron delivered, activating the sample for identification.
The Model DD-109X development team from Adelphi Technology Inc includes Jakko Hannes Vainionpaa, Charles Gary, Jack Harris, and Melvin Piestrup; and from the University of Florida, Kelly Jordan, Heejun Chung, and Dominick Raetz.

The announcement was made on the following R&D magazine website:

University of Florida also has two websites announcing our joint development of the high flux neutron generator.