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Programs at several national laboratories, universities, and private companies in the U.S. and around the world are developing neutron generator-based systems for detecting high explosives, chemical weapons, contraband and special nuclear materials in a variety of concealed situations. The objectives of these programs include developing systems for border security, airline-cargo inspection, and first response in the investigation of unknown packages.

Adelphi Technology offers several neutron generator configurations for security applications. Smaller systems may be used in the inspection and screening of passenger baggage and larger systems are useful for cargo containers.

Some of our generators can perform as the neutron source in a security imaging system that can isolate concealed substances in the inspected volume. Please remember that neutrons are absorbed by different mechanisms than x-rays making neutron imaging systems complimentary to the more common x-ray imaging. In nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, the fissioning of elements like uranium-235 and plutonium-239 is caused by their absorption of neutrons. With high-output neutron generators, this phenomenon can be exploited to find concealed special nuclear material (SNM) and may prove an enabling technology in global anti-proliferation efforts.

Neutron analysis (prompt gamma analysis and/or pulsed differential die-away analysis) allows materials identification which means that explosives and SNM may be detected and identified. The ability of neutron systems to discriminate elements gives it a significant advantage over other technologies. The high-intensity output, pulsing capability, long lifetime and serviceability of Adelphi's generators make them ideal for these applications. In the future, we feel that Adelphi Technology's neutron generators will be instrumental in protecting national security at national borders.