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The medical practice of radiation science is Radiology. Radiation Oncology is a segment of Radiology, and is distinguished as therapeutic rather than diagnostic.

The radiation treatment of cancer follows the general understanding that healthy tissues recovers better from exposure to any radiation as compared to diseased tissues. This phenomenon is enhanced by active cropping of the treatment beam, fractioning, and exposure angle control. In some circumstances, absorption of radiation is helped by disease-specific radiosensitizers or contrast agents.

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) is an alternative radiation oncology method that uses exposure to neutrons rather than gamma rays or x-rays. The technique relies on a type of radiosensitizer that couples boron atoms to a molecule with affinity to the tumor. Healthy tissue has little reaction with the neutron beam. Cancerous tissue that has boron uptake, however, is greatly affected.

Neutrons are absorbed into boron and boost the energy level of the nucleus of the atom. This higher energy state quickly drops to its normal level with the emission of an alpha particle. It is the energetic alpha particle that kills the surrounding diseased cells.
BNCT is a very active research technique, with many researchers actively seeking a portable neutron source. US., European, South American and Japanese researchers continue to pursue this approach to cancer therapy, and have actively sought a portable neutron source.

Analysis of past research efforts reveals a two-fold problem to the approach of using a research reactor as the source of neutrons. First, the spectrum of neutron energies used was not highly absorbed into boron. Secondly, the background gamma radiation coming from the core complicates the treatment plan.

Current research has focused on recurrent head and neck tumors, among other diseases. Fixed installation cyclotron neutron sources (not offered by Adelphi Technology) have been treating recurrent head and neck tumors with great success using BNCT. Other BNCT researchers from around the world have signed a letter of support for the development of less expensive, portable neutron sources of the kind produced by Adelphi Technology, Inc.
Adelphi Technology, Inc. has several proprietary designs for neutron generators and close coupled moderators. A major benefit of Adelphi Technology's re-configurable design is that future therapy setups can be accommodated easily. Contact us to see if a simple exposure experiment in our demonstration lab will prove neutron therapy valid for your disease treatment research.

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